2019 Punography Film Festival Information

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The Most Fun Event on the

RHS Class of 1969 50th Reunion Weekend!

2019 Punography Film Festival

Friday, October 18, 2019


By Movie Lovers For Movie Lovers

Richardson, Texas

Date, Time, and Location

The Punography Film Festival will be held Friday evening, October 18, 2019 from 6-9 pm at the Alamo Drafthouse Richardson! If you've never been to an Alamo Drafthouse, it's a movie theater, bar, and restaurant all rolled up into one. We have reserved an entire theater in the Alamo Drafthouse Richardson, and this theater will provide everything that we need -- dinner (vegan and gluten-free available), drinks, movies, and place for conversation, activities, and other entertainment to be announced. The RHS Class of 1969 will provide the fun, laughter, and sharing of memories to kick off the RHS Class of 1969 50th Reunion Weekend.

Activities Line-Up

Phil Huber is hard at work restoring the Super 8 films that we made back at Richardson High School during our junior and senior years of 1967-1969. The HD quality of the restoration makes the dozens of our classmates who appear in the movies appear to be 17 years old TODAY! You will be amazed when you see these films bringing us back to, not life, but YOUTH! And then, with the stereo HD quality soundtrack of classic rock and roll from the 1960s, well, what could be a better evening's entertainment?

Click here for a full line-up of activities. Check back often to view this page as we are continually adding new activities to make the Punography Film Festival the most entertaining activity on the RHS Class of 1969 50th Reunion Weekend.

Special Guest of Honor

The Punography Film Festival is proud to have Mrs. Jeanne Alsup, the inspiration for the creation of Punography Ltd., and her husband Al as our Special Guests of Honor. Most of the Punography Ltd. Directors and many of the RHS Class of 1969 grads were especially privileged to have Mrs. Alsup as our junior year English teacher. We're very happy that Jeanne and Al will be at the Punography Film Festival to reunite with many of her former students for the first time in 50 years.

Include Your Spouse In The Fun

We all know how boring a high school reunion can be for classmate spouses (or significant others, etc.) who didn't attend the same high school at the same time. We have designed the Punography Film Festival to be that unique reunion event that will be entertaining to all and equally enjoyable by classmates and their spouses.

We conducted extensive research to verify that spouses will not only have more fun if they come to the Punography Film Festival on the RHS Class of 1969 Reunion weekend but they will even be enthusiastic about coming and enjoying your weekend with you. This video is the result of our research -- I am sure that you will find it eye-opening and convince you to bring your spouse to the Punography Film Festival on the RHS Class of 1969 50th Reunion weekend. If you don't see the captions, turn on Closed Captioining by clicking the CC button at the bottom right of the YouTube viewing window.

Stay At The Official Punography Film Festival Hotel

The Alamo Drafthouse Richardson is conveniently located in the Sun Rexall (now Party City) shopping center -- to those who didn't grow up in Richardson, it's the Richardson Heights Shopping Center -- on the southwest corner of Belt Line Road and Central Expressway. One of the great things about this location is that it is only a five minute drive north up Central Expressway to the Official Punography Film Festival Hotel at Campbell Road and Greenville Road -- the Marriott Courtyard. You can get the special $69 rate each night arrving as early as Wednesday afternoon, October 16, 2019 and checking out as late as Tuesday morning, October 22, 2019 (that's six nights if you want to stay that long).

If you make your reservation by phone (972) 994-9933, be sure to say that you are with the RHS Class of 1969. If you experience any problems in making your reservation, click here to email our Hotel Liaison.

Attend the Punography Film Festival Before You Do Anything Else

You might be tempted to skip the Punography Film Festival, grab a quick dinner at the Golden Eagle Restaurant, and then go to the Casual Event. That would be a mistake ... a serious mistake. Don't make the same mistake that Bob did. (Be sure to turn on Closed Captioning when watching this video -- click the CC button at the bottom right of the YouTube viewing window if you don't see the captions.)

Get Your Late Eagle Tickets Before They Sell Out!

Sales of $19.69 Early Eagle Tickets for the Punography Film Festival far exceeded our expectations. We knew that there was great interest in this kind of fun high school reunion event with this terrific line-up of activities, and we are gratified at the overwhelming response from our RHS Class of 1969 classmates. 

After SELLING OUT of Early Eagle Tickets, we opened up a sales window to sell On-Time Eagle Tickets to fill the very small number of theater seats left. But we also SOLD OUT of On-Time Eagle Tickets (meaning all the seats in the original theater we reserved were filled) in only four days!

Then we created a Festival Waitlist for people who wanted to get a ticket but didn't buy in time. If we decided to move to a larger theater, we would give all those on the Festival Waitlist a Late Eagle Ticket. Well, we did decide to move to a theater with more than twice as many seats as our original theater so everyone on the Festival Waitlist got a Late Eagle Ticket.

We now have a limited number of Late Eagle Tickets for sale at $30 apiece for the remaining seats in our new larger theater. If you didn't buy an Early Eagle Ticket or an On-Time Eagle Ticket and you were not on the Festival Waitlist, you can still buy a Late Eagle Ticket for $30 through Monday, July 1 OR until all our remaining theater seats are filled, whichever comes first. We will NOT move to a larger theater under any circumstances so this is your last chance to buy Festival tickets!

If theater seats remain unsold after Monday, July 1, Late Eagle Tickets for those remaining seats will be offered for sale at a much higher price than $30 so buy now!

Don't wait to buy your Late Eagle Tickets or you may end up like Bob or Mrs. Hitler's husband!

Tommy Thomas, Punography Ltd. Director

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