Who's In Mrs. Alsup's Class?

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2019 Punography Film Festival

Were You Or Someone You Know In Mrs. Alsup's Class?

Mrs. Alsup and her husband Al will be our Special Guests of Honor at the Punography Film Festival. Mrs. Alsup is very excited about seeing the students that she taught English in our junior year. And she has requested a list of the names of ALL the students who were in one of her Junior English classes in 1967-1968.

I have started a list of classmate names who were in one of her classes, but I need more names! If you know of someone (including yourself) whose name is not listed below and who was in one of Mrs. Alsup's Junior English classes during the 1967-1968 school year, please contact me and let me know so I can add that name to the list!

Tommy Thomas, Punography Ltd. Director

RHS Students Who Were In One Of

Mrs. Alsup's Junior English Classes 1967-1968

Don't see the name of someone (including yourself) who was in one of Mrs. Alsup's classes? Contact Tommy Thomas and let him know so he can add those names to the list. Please let him know the name of the student in 1967-1968 and, if different now, the current name.

Sandra Abbot

Steve Alford

Jim Baker

Hull Barbee

Jim Bedwell

David Cordell

Pat Cowlishaw

Anne Dillard

Bob Fleming

Marty Fulton

Susan Gailey

Steve Gardner

Virginia Hawes

Royce Herndon

Steve Keene

Laura Kirklen

Judye Livings

Debbie Mabry

Susan Melton

Bob Miller

Bill Moore

Linda Longacre

Terry Mitchell

Mike Odom

Ann Peek

Karin Ridenour

Bill Scott

Janet Tarpley

Tommy Thomas

Bill Walton

Jean Ward

Fred Zeiller